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Empowering giving for a fairer future

Australians Investing in Women (AIIW) is a leading not-for-profit organisation that advocates for Gender-wise philanthropy.

AIIW encourages all Australians – particularly philanthropic, corporate, and community leaders – to apply a gender lens to their giving and increase investment in women and girls, to help create a fairer and more inclusive society.

We are a growing community of women, men and businesses who understand that investing in women and girls strengthens both economies and societies as a whole. We do not provide grants; we are part of a burgeoning global movement spreading awareness, not only of the benefits in addressing the disadvantage still experienced by women and girls, but of their central role in effecting constructive social change and development.

Our Purpose

To increase philanthropic funding for women and girls that delivers greater gender equality and a better world for all.

Our Mission

To encourage the flow of money to women and girls by embedding a gender lens in philanthropy and across the social sector.

Our Vision

A gender equal world creating a fairer, more inclusive society for women and girls, and a better world for all.

Our Focus

AIIW works to help strengthen society and advance gender equality by increasing investment in women and girls.

AIIW promotes the benefits of investing in programs that combat the existing economic and social disadvantage of women and girls, both in Australia and globally.

AIIW works with Australians, including philanthropic, corporate and community leaders, to embed gender-wise practices in their giving programs, and connects funders to projects that benefit women and girls across a range of social issues, locally and internationally.






Corporate Giving

Through collaboration with peak bodies in the Australian corporate sector, develop, deliver and roll out a gender lens framework to ensure corporate giving and broader community investment has an intentional and strategic focus on women and girls.


Grow the community of philanthropic funders who adopt a gender-wise approach, elevate and celebrate impact, and work with the sector to improve data and measurement systems for philanthropic and social investment in women and girls.

Storytelling & Evidence

Share case studies and stories of impact change, gather and present evidence of the transformational change that can be achieved by investing in women and girls.


Secure the sustainability of Australians Investing in Women.

Why is gender important in philanthropy?

Effective philanthropy understands that the needs of women and men are different and that in order to treat them equally, their distinct circumstances must be addressed. Most philanthropic giving supports projects that do not differentiate by gender. There is often an assumption that giving to ‘youth’, ‘medical research’ or ‘the arts’ will provide universal benefits, however, research shows women are often under-served and excluded by programs intended to be gender-neutral. As a result, projects become less effective, reducing philanthropic impact.

To learn more, see our Guide to Gender-wise Philanthropy and Gender-wise Toolkit for Grantmakers

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