About us

Empowering giving for a fairer future

Australians Investing in Women (AIIW) is a leading NFP advocate for Gender-wise philanthropy.

Building on progress towards gender equity, we take an evidence-based approach and work in partnership with philanthropic, corporate and community leaders to strengthen society by catalysing investing in women and girls.

We advocate and educate within the philanthropic sector, supporting private and corporate donors, foundation boards and their staff with information, inspiration and Gender-wise tools, training and resources to embed a gender lens in philanthropic practice.

We are lean and agile national NFP working to increase philanthropic and social investment in women and girls.  

Established in 2009 (as Australian Women Donors Network), Australians Investing in Women is a growing community of social investors and grant-makers who value these principles and practices, as well as supporters from government, corporate and community sectors.

Our Purpose

To increase philanthropic funding for women and girls that delivers greater gender equality and a better world for all.

Our Mission

To encourage the flow of money to women and girls by embedding a gender lens in philanthropy and across the social sector.

Our Vision

A gender equal world creating a fairer, more inclusive society for women and girls, and a better world for all.

Our Focus

  • To direct attention to the benefits to be gained in addressing the existing economic and social disadvantage of women and girls, both in Australia and globally.
  • To highlight the crucial role of women and girls in building stronger economies, families and communities.
  • To integrate a practice of gender inquiry into private, institutional and corporate philanthropy so that it addresses the unique circumstances and specific needs of women and girls.
  • To encourage the funding of projects that invest specifically in women and girls.

Corporate Giving

Through collaboration with peak bodies in the Australian corporate sector, develop, deliver and roll out a gender lens framework to ensure corporate giving and broader community investment has an intentional and strategic focus on women and girls.


Grow the community of philanthropic funders who adopt a gender-wise approach, elevate and celebrate impact, and work with the sector to improve data and measurement systems for philanthropic and social investment in women and girls.

Storytelling & Evidence

Share case studies and stories of impact change, gather and present evidence of the transformational change that can be achieved by investing in women and girls.


Secure the sustainability of Australians Investing in Women.

What we do and why it matters.


As a leading national voice for gender-wise philanthropy, we inform funders about the social and economic benefits of addressing gender inequality in Australia and internationally. We share statistics, research, case studies and articles promoting greater gender equity through philanthropic and social investment.

We share stories presenting speakers who inspire, convene conversations with thought leaders, deliver board presentations and training workshops; produce practical tools and resources that enable a gender lens approach to philanthropic practice.

We provide a digital platform to connect funders to impactful projects that support women and girls and deliver greater gender equality across a range of social issues.

We collaborate with philanthropic, corporate and community leaders to understand and respond to their needs to support a gender lens approach.

Why it matters

  • Despite significant progress, women and girls continue to be overrepresented in poverty and disadvantage and under-represented in positions of power and influence.
  • Philanthropic giving has the power to drive significant social change through a strategic investment in women and girls.
  • Funding that fails to intentionally consider gender equity is likely to underserve women and girls.

What We Believe

We support and participate in the shift in global consciousness that recognises the importance of allowing women and men to equally create and contribute to positive social change within their communities. We believe that by acknowledging the socially-constructed differences between women/girls and men/boys, and using gender analysis as a tool for intelligent inquiry, that all projects and social investments can lead to more equitable and long-lasting outcomes for all.

What We Value

Evidence-based best practice, Collaboration, Inclusiveness, Effectiveness, Respect and Optimism.

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Our Leadership Team

Julie Reilly

Chief Executive Officer

Steven Rothfield

Steven Rothfield

Tiziana Pittui

Board Member
Tiziana Pittui

Catherine Fox

Board Member

Jill Reichstein OAM

Co-founder and Deputy Chair
Jill Reichstein

Sam Mostyn AO