Happy New Financial Year – A great time to set your intention!

AIIW News, 1 July 2022

Dear Friend,

There are moments in movements when, after seemingly glacial change, there’s a shift. And we are seeing a shift in the Australian social and political landscape, bringing women into focus more than ever, and giving some cause for optimism

Disturbingly, at the same time in the United States the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe V Wade has removed the constitutional right to abortion – overturning a principle hard fought and won almost 50 years ago.

While Australia is in a very different position this rollback serves as a stark reminder of the need for continued vigilance to preserve advances won by and for women, while at the same remaining intentional about further progress towards gender equality. (Read our reflections: Intentional Investing In Women).

As you consider your plans for the new financial year we trust that an intentional focus on women will continue to inform your giving and enhance your impact. Remember we’re here to help with suite of Gender-wise resources, targeted research reports, and our curated showcase of projects supporting women and girls.

With so much on the agenda for women in Australia, and on the global stage, we would have liked to be more active in our public communications of late.  We have however, been busy behind the scenes with our advocacy, research, events and advice to the sector. Last month, we held events in Melbourne and Sydney featuring a compelling conversation between our Chair, Sam Mostyn AO, Director Catherine Fox AM and members of the philanthropic community.  We thank those who joined us and provided such positive input and feedback. We especially thank our growing community of donors and supporters who are enabling the work that we do to ensure an intentional focus on the impact on women and girls of philanthropy, policy and social change.

To increase our capacity for strategic communications, we will be recruiting a part-time Communications and Engagement Manager. We are still working on the details but if you are interested, or have recommendations, please let us know.

Wishing you all a Happy New (financial) year!

Julie Reilly OAM
Australians Investing In Women

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Happy New Financial Year - A great time to set your intention!

Now is the time to set your intention for how your giving impacts women and girls in the new financial year.

Intentional investing in women

Putting women at the centre of policies and programs in government, philanthropy and across all parts of the community is about fairness but it also delivers for all. The key to this welcome focus, as we have advocated since its inception, is to make intentional investment in women a priority.