Introducing Australians Investing in Women

AIIW Announcement, 26 November 2020

Dear Friend,

It’s an exciting time of change and I’m delighted to be writing to you for the first time as CEO of Australians Investing In Women.

As we’ve signalled in recent communications, the Australian Women Donors Network brand has now been retired. We are evolving to better represent our growing community of women and men, and private, institutional and corporate funders, who understand that investing in women and girls strengthens economies and society as a whole.

This week at our virtual Annual Gender-wise Event: Evolution, we celebrated and farewelled the Network and took the next important step in our evolution.

We are proud to share with you our new name and brand identity: Australians Investing in Women – Empowering giving for a fairer future.

Our new name and tagline have been selected for their clarity and strategic alignment to our ambitious future. It retains the keywords and values of ‘Australian’ and ‘Women’, and embodies our latest strategy, A conscious shift towards ‘Investing’ better aligns with our vision of long-term change, empowerment and transformation. 

As Australians Investing in Women, we invite all funders and investors across our country who believe in the importance of empowering women and girls to join us in empowering giving for a fairer future

Together we can channel our commitment into effective, measurable action by ensuring an intentional focus on women and girls in the practice of philanthropy and social investment. 

We’re excited to have you beside us as we evolve and extend our influence and impact. Our new name and tagline are just the beginning…

We warmly acknowledge and thank all those who have played a role in our first chapter as Australian Women Donors Network and trust you will walk alongside us on the next part of our impact journey.

If you missed the event, you can catch up by watching the recording on YouTube.  Our thanks again to our fabulous speakers, Amanda Miller, Catherine Fox, Sam Mostyn and Jay Weatherill and their insights on the importance of gender lens philanthropy.

We were delighted that so many people took part in the event and were thrilled with the enthusiastic response and warm comments on the review of our first chapter, the gender lens conversation and importantly the support for our transition to Australians Investing in Women – Empowering giving for a fairer future

Over the next few weeks, we will continue to evolve our new website providing new content, updated resources and an online experience that will inform, inspire, and enable you to become gender-wise, connect you with impactful projects and help you collaborate with liked-minded associates. 

Stay tuned for more changes especially to the Online Project Showcase and our Gender-wise resources as we transition them to our new brand. We welcome your feedback.

With thanks and warmest regards,


Julie Reilly
Australians Investing In Women

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