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Advocating for greater investment in women and girls through a community of gender wise philanthropists and advocates

Building on progress towards gender equity, we work in partnership with philanthropic, corporate and community leaders to strengthen society by catalysing investing in women and girls.

Our supporters invest in us by funding and giving skills, time and influence. They enable our mission of increasing philanthropic funding for women and girls, and share our vision for an equitable world where women and girls share equally in power and decision making and have equal opportunity to fulfil their potential.

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We are honoured to have The Honourable Dame Quentin Bryce AD CVO, Former Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, as its Patron-In-Chief.

Why I invest in women and girls?

Carol Schwartz AO

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Paul Wheelton AM KSJ

Paul Wheelton

Eve Mahlab AO

Eve Mahlab AO

Mim Bartlett

Mim Bartlett

Deanne Weir

Deanne Weir

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Catherine Brown

Jo Kirk

Jo Kirk

Naomi Milgrom AC

Naomi Milgrom AC

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Ian Darling

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Jo Horgan AM

Jo Horgan

Kerry Gardner AM

Kerry Gardner

"By acknowledging the difference between males and females we can raise the bar on all philanthropy."

By supporting programs that deliberately address gender differences in their design, implementation and outcomes, you’ll be making sure that women and girls benefit from philanthropy. As investment in this kind of social change benefits everyone, you’ll be contributing to a stronger and more equitable Australia. Gender-wise principles are even more critical in international funding. This is well recognised in international development. It is absolutely crucial if we are to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in the next 10 years to 2030 and we are determined to do all we can to support private and corporate philanthropy to maximise its impact in this pivotal decade. We have produced a suite of resources to help funders understand and apply gender-wise philanthropic practices.

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We acknowledge the support of all the individuals that have inspired and enabled our mission.  They include Donors, Thought Leaders, Board Members, Executive Staff and Volunteers. Thank you for your commitment and generosity. 

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Carol Schwartz AO

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