Connecting funders to impactful projects that benefit women and girls across a range of social issues.

We are delighted to present the Australians Investing In Women Project Portal and to connect our growing community of philanthropic funders to the many wonderful organisations whose projects target women and girls and deliver greater gender equality.

This is a curated bank of projects that support women and girls across a range of social issues, locally and internationally. Whether your passion is education, the arts, safety from violence, medical research or the environment, inter alia, we can suggest a project to drive impact and advance gender equality by investing in women and girls.

Featured Projects
ygap Ltd

Why yCapital Matters

Women-led businesses receive less than 3% of investment capital worldwide. ygap is on a mission to change that. Your support will enable us to exclusively train and build the skills of 25 women entrepreneurs, fostering economic independence, breaking barriers, and creating a ripple effect of positive change.
La Trobe University

Baggarrook Yurrongi First Nations Midwifery Program

First Nations communities experience an unacceptable gap in health outcomes and First Nations babies and their mothers have critically poorer outcomes than non-First Nations people. The lifelong impacts of these outcomes are severe.
Documentary Australia

Like my Brother

This inspiring documentary follows four Aboriginal girls from the remote Tiwi Islands community who set out on a journey to follow their sporting dreams. Like My Brother sheds light on the inequitable path to sport, by factors such as lack of resources, remoteness and indigeneity.
Women's Environmental Leadership Australia

A leadership revolution: Building the power of Australian women to deliver climate and nature solutions.

WELA is a community connecting, training and funding generations of women and gender diverse changemakers so that together we can transform Australia’s response to our environmental and climate crises.

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Just Peoples

Skills training and climate resistance

This project will provide opportunities for women to become financially independent and resilient, and covers the annual running costs of two skills training centres in Bogra and Khulna, two regions highly susceptible to climate crises in Bangladesh. Amid cyclones, floods,...
Biyani House Revesby Women's Shelter

Keep Women and Children Escaping Domestic Violence Safe

Biyani House Revesby Women’s Shelter is a beacon of hope for women and children escaping domestic and family abuse. Their mission is to provide an inclusive, culturally aware safe place for women experiencing domestic violence or homelessness to gain independence...
Council of Single Mothers and their Children Inc.

Providing essential specialist support for single mothers and their children

Single mothers turn to CSMC at their times of greatest need and for ongoing support from our expert frontline staff on a wide range of issues.
Women's Climate Congress

Women leading united action on climate change

WCC is mobilising a movement of women, in all our diversity, empowered to promote women’s leadership, policy priorities and solutions for action on climate change.
With You We Can

Transforming agency for victims of sexual violence

With You We Can is a national victim-led network demystifying the police and legal processes for victims of sexual violence while working to improve them.

Formidable Women

‘FORMIDABLE WOMEN’ is a feature-length documentary about two remarkable women, Oral Historian Wendy Lowenstein and dance historian, bio-chemist & indigenous rights Activist, Shirley Andrews OAM. Lifelong militant activists, their pioneering contributions to the creation of Australia’s national folk and oral...
Just Peoples

Therapy for at-risk teen mothers

In Kenya, 1 in 5 girls aged 15 to 19 become mothers. Many of these young women encounter significant mental health vulnerabilities during pregnancy and postpartum. Stigma and isolation lead to school dropout, strained relationships and difficulties managing motherhood which...
Just Peoples

Prevent Child Marriage in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has one of the highest rates of child marriage worldwide, with one in three girls getting married before age 18. Economic hardships drive many parents to marry off their young daughters, perceiving them as financial burdens, in a bid...
Just Peoples

Nurses on Motorbikes to Reduce Mother and Infant

Malawi faces one of the highest maternal mortality ratios globally, currently estimated at 5.7 maternal deaths per 1,000 live births. Heartbreakingly, 1 out of every 37 babies born in Malawi still dies in the first month of life. Expectant mothers...
Just Peoples

Fund a skills academy for women

In the rural village of Asembo, Kenya, economic hurdles, gender disparities including high levels of gender-based violence and early marriages disrupt the education of young girls and disempower women. Funding this project will provide the opportunity for 30 women to...
Just Peoples

Prevent Tanzanian women from being trafficked across borders

Tanzanian women and girls from rural areas are often lured with false promises of education, improved living conditions, or employment by traffickers and brokers. Subsequently, they fall victim to domestic servitude, sex trafficking, and other forms of forced labour. Some...
Just Peoples Ltd

Establish a goat herd for Maasai Women

In pastoral rural communities Maasai women face significant economic challenges, including limited access to formal education and employment. This, combined with the constraints of traditional patriarchal gender roles, mean women often struggle to support their families. Their lack of empowerment...
The Nappy Collective

Local area growth to get more nappies to families in crisis

Support The Nappy Collective to grow its impact in the community - their goal is to deliver 1.5 million nappies annually to children experiencing nappy stress.
Transforming Justice Australia

Survivor centred restorative justice in response to sexual abuse and related harm

Transforming Justice Australia is one of three community based organisations providing restorative justice in response to sexual abuse and related harm, and the only in NSW. They provide free services in the community and have a team of facilitators based...
United Housing Co-operative

Footscray Lions Co-operative Village for women over 55, who are homeless or at serious risk of homelessness

The 'Footscray Lions Co-operative Village' in Summerhill Road, West Footscray, is an innovative solution to the housing and support needs for older women. It will become a model for rental retirement housing, delivering 49 apartments for women over the age...
So They Can

Keeping Girls in School in Kenya and Tanzania

In Africa, 50 million school-aged girls are out of school according to UNESCO. So They Can’s Keeping Girls in School project provides targeted support to at-risk girls in Kenya and Tanzania, to ensure that they realise their right to education.
ygap Ltd

Why yCapital Matters

Women-led businesses receive less than 3% of investment capital worldwide. ygap is on a mission to change that. Your support will enable us to exclusively train and build the skills of 25 women entrepreneurs, fostering economic independence, breaking barriers, and...
The Royal Women's Hospital

The Cornelia Program: Breaking the cycle of homelessness for vulnerable women and their babies

The Women’s, Launch Housing and HousingFirst have collaborated to develop the Cornelia Program – an Australian-first initiative that aims to break the cycle of homelessness and support pregnant women and new mothers to develop a lasting bond with their babies.
The Royal Women's Hospital

Improving access to abortion in regional Victoria

Access to timely abortion care remains a challenge, especially for women from vulnerable groups and those living in rural and regional areas. This project aims to reduce barriers by...
Ember Connect

Elevating Australian First Nations Women

Ember Connect elevates First Nations women to greater possibilities through their vibrant online community by connecting them to key people, pathways, and opportunities; and influencing systemic change through advocacy and education.

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