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Project Description

The Comprehensive Sexuality Education Project aims to ensure all people have access to evidence-based, age appropriate and culturally safe CSE. The project focuses on designing and developing an ‘online resource hub’ for all people to access CSE information, education and resources that are free of charge. The online hub will assist the organisation to ensure that every person has access to high quality, evidence-based CSE that meets their needs and supports their reproductive and sexual health. It will primarily do this by housing all FPNSW’s consumer facing CSE material on an accessible and easy to navigate platform.

The project also looks to fill gaps in CSE resources and programming and develop new accessible, inclusive and evidence-based resources for communities to ensure their reproductive and sexual health needs are met.

CSE builds on and promotes an understanding of universal human rights, including the rights of women and girls, and the rights of all people to access health, education and information equally and without discrimination.

Expected Outcomes

Our vision is for all people to have high quality reproductive and sexual health and for our organisation to be leaders in the provision of CSE in NSW, Australia and across the globe. To achieve this, all people must have access to evidence-based, age appropriate and culturally safe CSE.

Family Planning NSW aims to create an online resource hub that contains accessible, inclusive and evidence-based information on all CSE topics for people in NSW, Australia and across the globe. An indicator of achievement will be the launch of the hub, and ongoing feedback received relating to hub usage and evaluation.

Project Data & Lessons

In consultation with the Family Planning NSW Research Centre, the organisation will develop a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation framework to collect data and ensure the online resource hub is functioning at optimum levels.

We envisage to collect data on users, length of stay on page, number of resources downloaded and feedback of the usefulness of the hub and individual resources by community members.

Project Dates

The organisation project is ongoing and implemented in phases.

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Organisation Details

Family Planning NSW
ABN: 75 000 026 335


Eliza Basheer
Phone: 02 8752 4252

About Family Planning NSW

Family Planning NSW is the leading provider of reproductive and sexual health services in NSW and Australia. We are experts in clinical service provision, including contraception, pregnancy options, STIs, sexuality and sexual function, menstruation, menopause, common gynaecological and vaginal health problems, cervical screening, breast awareness and men’s and women’s sexual health.

Our mission is to enhance the reproductive and sexual health and rights of our communities by supporting all people to have control over and decide freely on all matters related to their reproductive and sexual health. Our work is evidence-based and shaped by our research.

As an independent, not-for-profit organisation, we recognise that everybody in every family should have access to high-quality clinical services and information. Each year we provide more than 31,000 clinical occasions of service to clients, information and health promotion activities to communities, and best practice education and training in reproductive and sexual health for health professionals, educators and disability support workers. We have five fixed clinics in NSW and use innovative partnerships to deliver services in other key locations across the state.

Our services are targeted to marginalised and disadvantaged members of the community, including young people, people from culturally and linguistically diverse and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds, and people with disability.

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