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Creating Employment Pathways for Victim Survivors of FV


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The funding will be used to seed the establishment of a survivor advocacy within the peak, by funding paid employment roles for survivor advocates (women with lived experience of family violence), who will use their lived experience to inform the design, delivery, and evaluation of responses to FV and contribute to public conversations about FV including community awareness raising and media representation. This project will enable the peak to scale the work currently underway with the implementation of the Family Violence Experts by Experience Framework, that will embed the lived experience of victim survivors into every area of our work as the peak body for specialist family violence services in Victoria. The funding will resource:
• Five survivor advocate consultant positions x 0.4 FTE for 12 months
• One project coordinator and peer support worker x 0.5 FTE for 12 months
• The development and delivery of peer led survivor advocacy training and intentional peer support
• The development of a corporate FV awareness raising campaign, Are You Safe At Home?, including workplace awareness raising events and a workplace champions program.
• Provision of support and coaching focused on professional development, FV recovery and financial capability building.

Expected Outcomes

This project addresses the need to increase and improve engagement with survivor advocates (people with lived experience of family violence) in the design, delivery, and evaluation of services by situating and developing a mature survivor advocacy consultancy within the peak body. The consulting agency will be able to provide professional development, promotion, coordination, and support for advocates in the provision of internal and external consulting and co-production services. At the same time, the project will support the longer-term economic recovery of victim survivors by proactively scoping, developing, and delivering meaningful employment opportunities and career pathways for survivor advocates within a central part of the family violence system. This approach will also address the perennial challenge of funding a long-term survivor advocacy program by developing a fee-for-service business as a social enterprise, and leveraging the Peak’s membership, position within the broader human services system and relationships with government, community, and private sectors. By centralising this function within the Peak, we can pool the resources across the sector to ensure more consistent and best practice engagement with survivor advocates is established and work with survivor advocates to further develop models of survivor advocacy engagement, professional development, and career pathways.

Project Data & Lessons

The project will be governed by a survivor advocate advisory group, who will develop an outcomes measurement framework to ensure the employment agency is established in line with the principles of the Family Violence Experts by Experience Framework, and this will include establishing indicators and a measurement methodology. The project coordinator will undertake outcomes measurement and deliver reporting to the advisory group on a quarterly basis. The outcomes of this evaluation and reporting will be shared with DV Vic's membership, as part of ongoing sector capacity building work we are leading as the peak related to embedding the voice of lived experience in the sector.

Project Dates

Project Commences: January 4, 2022
Project Completes: December 30, 2022

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ABN: 77 965 665 912


Emma Morgan
Phone: 0434977486


Domestic Violence Victoria (DV Vic) is the peak body for specialist family violence response services in Victoria, and recognised as the state-wide voice of Specialist Family Violence Services (SFVSs) responding to victims-survivors. DV Vic is an independent, non-government organisation that leads, organises, advocates for, and acts on behalf of its members utilising an intersectional feminist approach. DV Vic’s work is focused on advocating for, supporting, and building the capacity of specialist family violence practice and service delivery for victims-survivors; system reform; and research, policy development and law reform. The Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria (DVRCV) is a state-wide organisation working across prevention and response and is a registered training organisation. DVRCV provides workforce development and capability building across family violence response and prevention workforces. In 2021, DV Vic and DVRCV are merging to form a new entity. Bringing together the expertise, influence and reach of both organisations, we are working towards a world beyond family and gender-based violence, where women, children and all marginalized communities are safe, thriving, and respected.

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