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Youth - 15 to under 25
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Project Description

What is missing in today’s world is a healthy journey of what it looks like to become a woman/ adult in the 21st century. We believe that in order for girls & gender diverse teens to flourish into confident, authentic and connected young people, there needs to be a journey to womanhood/ adulthood that includes deep behavioural work, not just a one-off program.

This is why we created The Flourish Girl Journey.

At Flourish Girl we recognise after working with over 12 500 teenagers across Victoria that there is a lack of safe spaces for girls & gender diverse teens, there is lack of connection to themselves and their peers. Because of this, it’s lead to the bi-product of many mental health issues such as eating disorders, depression & anxiety. We also understand COVID has amplified these issues significantly. The need for our work is needed more than ever before.

The Flourish Girl Journey is a 3 part school based program that gives teenage girls & gender diverse teens the social and emotional tools they need to connect deeper with themselves, their peers & their purpose within their communities.

Expected Outcomes

  • Girls address the relationship they have with self-judgment.
  • Girls experience and unpack how societal expectations impact themselves.
  • Girls learn to own the power of their own stories.
  • Girls realise that sharing vulnerably creates more connection.
  • Girls learn to build their self-awareness skills.
  • Girls create their own personalised tools and strategies to be more resilient moving forward
  • Girls learn how to have respectful relationships with their peers.
  • Girls learn how to have a conversation with their peers that are authentic, supportive and honest.
  • Girls learn how to manage difficult conversations with conflict and judgment.
  • Girls learn to trust their own creativity and bring it to the table.
  • Girls realise the importance of leading themselves first before leading others.
  • Girls realise and activate their own leadership potential.
  • Girls learn the fulfillment of giving back to their community

Project Data & Lessons

At the end of every year we provide an impact report to showcase the impact we have created through The Flourish Girl Journey. Since 2018 we have worked with 12 500+ teenage girls and gender diverse teens across over 84 schools in Vic. Last year (2022), we delivered a total of 142 workshops (which is a 56% program increase since the previous year), worked with 5280+ teenagers, 93% of participants recommend our programs and 91% of participants feel more connected to their peers after our programs.
We are also in the process of getting a program evaluation through 180 Degree Consulting as we know that this will help to build the efficacy of our programs and allow us to continue to scale our impact. We would also look to keep you on the journey of these findings as well.

Project Dates

This is a primary ongoing offering for schools at the moment and is high in demand.

Funding Details

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Other Funding Sources
We have received funding through a variety of different sources, including philantrophy, corporate sponsorships and public donations.
Other Support Opportunities
In-kind contributions, Pro bono services

Organisation Details

Flourish Girl Ltd
ABN: 98639754055


Zara Akhtar
Phone: 0402500679

About Flourish Girl Ltd

Flourish Girl is a preventative mental health and emotional intelligence charity that delivers rites of passage programs to teenage girls and gender diverse teens between the ages of 13 – 18 years old in Victoria. In saying this, our vision is to scale through online and face to face programs across Australia. Our programs build self confidence, self awareness and social connectedness within schools communities and other trusted relationships. Our programs equip participants to navigate the journey to womanhood/ adulthood, and in turn contributes to positive mental health outcomes both as a teenager and later in life.

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