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Supported beneficiary groups within Women & Girls
Age Demographic
Adults - aged 25 to under 65
Project Focus
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Project Description

We want to impact Australia and the world with radical honesty. Discovering and inviting articulate, diverse women who’ve survived a shocking event to sit with two others who’ve been there and tell it like it is, is deceptively simple and powerful. There’s a wealth of untapped wisdom from women willing to gift their stories and insights anonymously; Curveball is a force for good, a testament to a common humanity with the power to break taboos. We seek to inspire conversations, improve well-being and affect change.

With support, we can research, produce and publish each month, committing to twenty-four quality episodes over two years (adding to our catalogue of twenty-six). We will build awareness and demand for these stories with an impact marketing campaign across social media, radio and print, and connect with industry partners like health and support organisations, disability advocates and LGBQTI+ groups whose members can benefit and direct listeners to their services.

We will develop the show notes referring listeners to information and books and provide links to community groups and support organisations. Transcripts will be readily available, making it easier for people to discover us via search engines. We will seek feedback from listeners and survey guests.

The Australian Podcast Awards awarded Curveball Gold for Best Well-Being Podcast, the Older Women’s Network (OWN) NSW is a community partner and will auspice.

Expected Outcomes

In each episode, the audience hears deeply personal, nuanced perspectives on rarely-examined issues with the potential to shift views and deepen understanding. These insights from people at the coalface, often including humour, are likely a lifeline to others in "the club" struggling to disclose or find support and empathy. Hearing how others have survived challenging experiences teaches resilience and compassion for others and ourselves. The production team have been personally affected; we're more likely to broach confronting topics with others, share our own and offer thoughtful support. There are many vital topics still to explore.

Despite initial reservations, guests uniformly reported sharing their stories alongside others who "get it" was healing and rewarding to help others feel less alone. We've held anonymous guest gatherings giving participants a sense of belonging and celebration; we aim to do this twice yearly.
Listeners and guests request topics including niche taboos like Estrangement from Siblings, Women whose partners became Trans, Age-gap relationships, ageing and Non-binary Identity.
With increased, consistent, high-quality production and accompanying publicity, the aim is a dramatic increase in listeners and those listeners sharing with their communities, evidenced by the platform's data.

Project Data & Lessons

Our publishing platform, Buzzsprout, collates statistics, including which episode, listener device, service, location, suburb, state and country.

Based on audience numbers without marketing, we’re confident an impact campaign, consistent publishing and transcriptions will have a dramatic effect. Each topic brings a new niche audience and serves others who enjoy the series. Issues are universal, remain relevant, and in future can be revisited.

Facebook and Instagram advertising will provide specific demographics for social media engagement, including age, gender, location, and numbers.

The Curveball Media website will track subscriber data and collate audience feedback.

Audience feedback through Apple, Spotify and other platforms reviews.

Track publicity for the series with articles, debates, interviews and awards.

Transcripts will increase information through Google listings so that people discover the show.

Conduct guest surveys as to the outcomes of having participated.

Project Dates

Project Commences: November 1, 2023
Project Completes: November 1, 2025

Funding Details

Funding Needed
Current Funding
Total Project Costs
Auspice Details
Older Women’s Network NSW https://ownnsw.org.au/
Other Funding Sources
To establish, Unison Sound and Curveball Media personally invested approximately $50,000 to create, produce website etc Composer, designers, engineers, editors worked for reduced fees or voluntarily, which is unsustainable to continue without support
Other Support Opportunities
Impact investment, In-kind contributions, Pro bono services, Subsidies

Organisation Details

Curveball Media
ABN: 72475659807


Beth Armstrong

About Curveball Media

Share women’s wisdom globally for everyone, and build a healthier, wiser and more compassionate society.

Curveball-The Club you didn’t want to be part of is an award-winning, non-profit podcast.
Three strangers come together, having endured a similar taboo experience, and speak anonymously, sharing their stories with profound honesty, humour and pragmatism.
These are late-night intimate, guided conversations between articulate, diverse women with lived experience, not experts, and for listeners, a window into rarely discussed events and complex feelings. It’s secret women’s business, a means of survival for millennia, unveiled. The take home is you are not alone.

Wide-ranging topics include Mothers of Children with Disabilities, Domestic Violence, Infertility, Late-Life Lesbians, Homelessness, Mid-Life Sexual Awakening, Mental illness and Psych Wards, Child Abuse, Mature Age Students, Unexpected Love, Still Birth, Suicide of a Loved One, Diabetes, Family Court Trauma and Mothers of Transgender Children.
Storytelling can inform and transform, create empathy, reduce stigma, build solidarity and inspire change. Episodes are a resource for individuals and support organisations.

The innovation is the magic of three strangers, truth-telling, safety through anonymity and solidarity.

With listeners in 95 countries and 90,000 listens, we want to increase output and market so millions benefit.

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