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Can you help women stay safe in their homes? Every night close to 50,000 women and their families are homeless, many because of family and domestic violence. YWCA Australia help women and their families find safe, affordable accommodation and, where it’s safe to do so, remain in the home of their choice. YWCA Australia provides over 140,000 nights of safe, secure, affordable accommodation each year and gives thousands of women the personalised support they need to rebuild their lives and feel positive about the future. This International Women’s Day we are raising funds to support more women who are experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity – so we appreciate any support you may be able to provide.

Expected Outcomes

Through our long history of providing housing support and brokerage services we know that receiving additional funding would allow us to support women and their families who are experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity, many because of family and domestic violence. The main objectives of this initiative may include support such as the:

  1. Provision of safety upgrades so women and their families can remain in a home of their choice after a family violence incident
  2. Provision of crisis accommodation
  3. Replacement of birth certificates and other official ID and documentation
  4. Provision of bedding, whitegoods, clothing and groceries
  5. Provision of a mobile phone to allow connection with support services
  6. Provide rental assistance
  7. Special interest courses and skills development such as financial education, vocational training, first aid training, socials skills development
  8. Gym memberships to address health and well-being needs and build social support networks

Project Data & Lessons

We will be able to provide detailed reporting on the impact of your donation/s at the end of FY22, including an anonymised case study which you may share with your stakeholders. We envisage data will be collected through:

  • Regular case work with each client
  • Ad hoc client statements
  • Tracking of brokerage expenses

Project Dates

Project Commences: February 1, 2022
Project Completes: March 31, 2022

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Organisation Details

YWCA Australia
ABN: 74 111 663 873


Rebecca Grant
Phone: 0292856296

About YWCA Australia

YWCA Australia is an evolving intersectional feminist organisation focused on improving gender equality for young women, women and people of marginalised genders. We have made young women’s leadership and women’s housing our priority. We know that housing is a feminist issue. Young women, women and people of marginalised genders need homes to be safe, happy, healthy and secure. Young women, women and people of marginalised genders disproportionately experience housing stress and instability, challenges accessing safe and affordable housing, the impacts of family and domestic violence, and the risks of homelessness. Our housing services support young women and women to access safe and secure housing and to stay housed with no return to homelessness. Through our programs we provide safe spaces and support structures to help young women develop their leadership capacity, including those with lived experience of housing insecurity and homelessness. Our programs support young women to grow as role models and community leaders and into independent, financially secure women.

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