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Project Description

The problem: homelessness and family violence is increasing for women and children. The number of women and children seeking assistance from specialist homelessness agencies has increased by an average of 9% every year since 2013-14 (AIHW 2019). Women experiencing family violence often face an impossible decision: stay in an unsafe home and risk losing their children to Child Protection services, or flee with their children but become homeless. If they do flee, they may still lose their children, because they can’t to provide the safe, stable home that children need and deserve. There is simply not enough safe, affordable housing and support for women in this situation. As a result, thousands of women are forced to live in cars or unsafe accommodation that puts them and their children at greater risk.

The solution: Families Supportive Housing project. We are building an Australian-first housing project for women and children who have experienced family violence and homelessness. In collaboration with Uniting Vic.Tas, Families Supportive Housing will provide permanent homes and onsite support for more than 60 women and 200 dependent children. Not only will these women and children have a safe, permanent home, they will also have a full range of support services onsite, including family counselling and trauma support, help with parenting, and pathways to education and employment.

Expected Outcomes

Families Supportive Housing will permanently end the homelessness of women and children escaping family violence and enable them to recover from trauma in a supportive environment. The objectives of this project are to:

  • Provide long term, safe, affordable housing to stop women and children cycling through crisis or refuge accommodation,
  • Deliver a range of onsite, targeted supports to reach disengaged families,
  • Provide coordinated referral pathways into integrated universal services and local community supports,
  • Increase women’s capacity and confidence in parenting their children,
  • Improve children’s early childhood development and educational outcomes,
  • Improve the health and wellbeing of the family,
  • Rebuild social connections and community involvement, and
  • Support engagement in education, training and employment opportunities.

Project Data & Lessons

In preparation for women and children to move into the site in the first half of 2022, we are currently developing a monitoring and evaluation framework. This will include a program logic, be aligned to our existing Outcomes Framework, and will focus on improving the health and wellbeing of women and their children, improving families’ connection to services and community, and improving engagement with education and employment. This will enable us to undertake a developmental evaluation throughout the implementation of the project and the first 5 years of delivering housing, services and support to women.

Project Dates

We began building this housing project in December 2020. As it offers permanent housing, the project has no end date.

Funding Details

Funding Needed
Current Funding
Total Project Costs
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Other Funding Sources
Victorian State Government ($13.3M), Australian Nurses and Midwifery Federation ($2.5M), Ian Potter Foundation ($2.5M), Robin Friday ($1.2M), Gandel Philanthropy ($1M), Shine On Foundation ($1M), Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation ($0.9M), private donors, Launch Housing.
Other Support Opportunities
In-kind contributions

Organisation Details

Launch Housing
ABN: 20 605 113 595


Bronwyn James
Phone: 61421235742

About Launch Housing

Launch Housing’s mission is to end homelessness. With a combined history of over 75 years serving Melbourne’s community, Launch Housing is an independent Melbourne based community organisation passionately committed to ending homelessness. From providing high quality housing to an innovative range of support services, we bring solutions to homelessness under one roof for thousands of people experiencing or at risk of homelessness each year. In the 2020 financial year we supported 16,213 individuals. We were at the frontline of Melbourne’s pandemic response, providing over 2,800 people experiencing homelessness with emergency accommodation to stay safe from COVID-19. Our Strategy 2020-24 has four strategic aims, supported by a series of objectives and priority actions. It is underpinned by our Theory of Change and sits alongside an Impact Measurement framework for communicating progress. Strategic priorities: (1) Scale up interventions that work to prevent homelessness. (2) Leave no one behind, delivering housing solutions that others won’t. (3) Bring global leadership to reverse the rate of homelessness. (4) Energise staff, clients and the community to take action.

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