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Fast tracking Women into Employment

Fitted for Work

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Project Description

Fitted for Work believes that every woman is entitled to economic security and we believe the best way for a women to achieve this is through employment. We know that women have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic, particularly regarding employment.

Fitted for Work has a proven, simple and elegant formula that offers a profound return on investment. We have the capacity to deliver 10,000+ services per year to women across Australia however they are currently not funded on an ongoing basis.

Our virtual services are designed and tailored to assist anyone who identifies as a woman, and those who do not wish to be limited by definition. Experiences of our clients vary greatly, they might have a disability, be a recent migrant, single parent, mature age, of refugee status, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, and/or culturally and linguistically diverse. They might be exiting a domestic violence situation, experiencing homelessness or displacement, exiting from prison, and/or experiencing financial hardship. We assist individuals at every stage of their employment journey.

The project delivers tailored appointments to develop confidence and connection; job search skills and practice; skill building workshops and digital upskilling programs, mentoring and peer support, links to employment and post-employment support.

Expected Outcomes

Program Impacts:

It is expected that participants who complete the program will report an increase in:

  • personal self-confidence and esteem,
  • job interview readiness and
  • awareness of employment/further training paths open to them
  • confidence to find work in the current job market
  • social connection to others
  • hope for their future employment

Long Term Outcomes:

  • Reduction in unemployment rates of women and the associated problems.
  • Increased participation of women in the workforce in Australia.
  • Decreased marginalisation and increased sense of community engagement and cohesion for participants.
  • Volunteers and employer partners develop a deeper understanding of the barriers to employment faced by women experiencing disadvantage and seeking work. They advocate for (and with) them to bring about positive change in the community.
  • Women become positive role models for their family and their community, and the cycle of disadvantage is broken.

Project Data & Lessons

At Fitted for Work we are committed to rigorous monitoring and evaluation of all services and business practices to ensure continuous improvement. This program will be monitored and outcomes assessed and evaluated by our evaluation team . Measurement tools will include:

  • CRM database – Collect participant demographic, information.
  • Pre and post completion feedback surveys of participants.

Data and lessons will be shared where appropriate regular progress and acquittal reports (inclusive of beneficiary case studies), Annual Report and if permissible across all Fitted for Work's social media platforms.

Project Dates

These are our proven core services that are ongoing.

Funding Details

Funding Needed
Current Funding
Total Project Costs
Approved Tax Deductability Status
Approved Tax Concession Charity
Other Funding Sources
Philanthropic trust, grants and foundation when available and fundraising activities.
Other Support Opportunities
Impact investment, In-kind contributions, Pro bono services

Organisation Details

Fitted for Work
ABN: 781262256862


Donna de Zwart
Phone: +61434984863

About Fitted for Work

Fitted for Work helps Australian women experiencing disadvantage get work, keep work and thrive at work.We are Fitted for Work. We help women in Australia experiencing disadvantages get work, keep work and navigate through working life with success. We’re a not-for-profit based right here in Australia helping women through a range of services on a national scale. We believe in a future that is equal, positive and powerful for women in the workplace. Our goal is to provide women with practical skills, knowledge, self-esteem and know-how so that they can move forward with confidence in the workplace. Inclusion and empowerment are at the heart of all we do here at Fitted for Work and we warmly welcome anyone who identifies as a woman and those who do not wish to be limited by definition. We believe in, we support and we transform the work lives of women in the knowledge that when a woman is fitted for work, she is fitted for life.

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