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Financial Safety and Fairness for Single Mother Families. We hold the hand of the future, let it be free from hardship.

National Council of Single Mothers & their Children Inc

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Project Description

Led by single mothers, coordinated by National Council of Single Mothers & their Children Inc. The project will capture the lived experience of single mothers and empower them to drive the policy change. Structured to interact with announced platforms such as the Women’s Summit and the Women’s Taskforce. Moreover, it gives shape and direction leading into the next federal election. Presenting the needs and the remedies to advance financial fairness and financial safety. A purpose-built online platform will:

  • Enable women to upload personal accounts.
  • Bust myths. Single Mothers can correct the record.
  • Provide recent statistics and the platform to locate talent by the media.
  • Coordinate resources: NCSMC has lodged the first complaint using the protocols of the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women to which the United nations are conducting an investigation.
  • It will hold the NCSMC produced documentary and a Teaser.
  • Showcase MPs’ statements of support.
  • Present policy ambassador Simmone Jade Mackinnon. I can speak for myself thank you. Women will be offered media training. Parliament Forum or Canberra Press Club Launch 1.18 min video: $550 brought safety and hope which will spearhead our advocacy in Canberra either at the Parliament House or Canberra Press Club. Three women who escaped DV because of coronavirus supplement. It’s time for their story to be told.

Expected Outcomes

Restore access to the Single Parenting Payment for families with a child or children under 16 years. Currently poor women are thrown onto Jobseeker when their youngest child is 8 years and characterised as not having a job. Raising children is a full-time and critical job. Moreover, we can no longer support a system that forces women to return to the place of abuse and to the hands of the abuser because of our income support system. Again, the best that we offer women is the unemployment benefit if their youngest child is 8 years old. All payments that single parent families access need to be lifted, by at least 20%, a down payment in respect.

An injection of resources when your constant companion is hardship was and can be profound.
We know it, we saw it, and had have a front row seat, when women received the coronavirus supplement. Pictures started to flood social media of full shopping trolleys, children's clothes, blankets, the car back on the road. Pride and work readiness merged, and women had a chance to get glasses, to get a haircut, to respond to their health needs, to take a big step and to start planning for their future. This included enrolling in courses, buying suitable work clothing, getting access to the internet. Their future was back in their hands demonstrating clearly that willingness was not the issue as much as the lack of capacity.

Pride and hope entered single mother households and it stayed for six-months. An unnecessary cruelty was to remove it.

Project Data & Lessons

As an advisory panel of Poverty and Inequality a collaboration between ACOSS and NSW Uni, we can confirm that sole parent families have the highest poverty rates. Children in sole parent families have a poverty rate of 44%, are more than three time as likely to live in poverty as children in couple families, who have a poverty rate of 13% . The Children and Families in Financial Stress and Poverty research conducted by Social Ventures and launched on Tuesday 27th April 2021. In 2015, around 1 in 3 single parent families (30 per cent) with dependent children under 5 years were in severe financial stress . Providing that whichever lens is used the picture of single mother families is bleak.

Furthermore, the pandemic will have a long tail for single mother families. In a snapshot, single parents’ paid hours fell more than 30% in the depths of the crisis in April 2020 and in December 2020, paid hours for single parents remained 10% lower than they had been a year earlier. The COVID-19 pandemic increased family and domestic violence, which will have long and linger affects. This campaign speaks to an identified gap in Australia`s recovery plan as well as the inequality that was experienced before the pandemic and now.

Financial fairness and financial safety were missing before the the 2021 Federal Budget and is still missing now.

Project Dates

Project Commences: July 1, 2021
Project Completes: July 4, 2022

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We can get started with $10,000, and as an industrious organisation we will make the most out of every donation.
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Help with marketing, branding and website development

Organisation Details

National Council of Single Mothers & their Children Inc
ABN: 78844531318


Terese Edwards
Phone: 0439211493

About National Council of Single Mothers & their Children Inc

An organisation dedicated to single mothers and a platform whereby both the community and the Government can communicate. NCSMC can comment on policy and legislation and ensure that the lived experience is heard. NCSMC provides information, referrals, and assistance to single mothers through our electronic platforms. In the past year we have responded to tens of thousands individual requests whilst our information post can reach up to 100,000+ per week. One of our greatest strengths is our expertise and commitment in working with and for the advancement of single mother families who are affected by poverty, hardship, and/or domestic violence.

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