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Education is the key to unlocking a better, more equal world. One where girls can grow up safely, access countless opportunities, and break the cycle of poverty – not just for themselves, but for their families and future generations. Yet right now, there are more than 130 million girls who are currently being denied an education for reasons that are entirely preventable. And COVID-19 means a further 20 million girls are facing a permanent end to their education.

Plan International Australia’s Girls Education & Empowerment Fund (GEEFund) is a multi-year giving initiative that super-charges your support to tackle the barriers that stop girls from receiving an education. It works by pooling your contributions with other donors to leverage it for more funding from Plan International’s institutional partners – effectively multiplying your impact by turning $1 into $2 (or more). The fund is designed to create change that doesn’t just impact girls’ lives now, it drives change for future generations.

Expected Outcomes

Our overarching mandate is to address all the barriers that prevent girls from accessing and completing a quality education so that they are empowered to pursue a lives of their choosing. These include:

  1. Stunted early childhood development
  2. Poor access to clean water & sanitation
  3. Gender-based violence and child marriage
  4. Lack of sexual & reproductive health rights
  5. Poverty and economic hardship
  6. Crises and emergencies


Every program supported by the Girls Education & Empowerment Fund has individual KPIs and expected outputs associated with the gender transformative theory of change mapped over a 5 year period.

Project Data & Lessons

Supporters of the Girls Education and Empowerment Fund will receive an annual Impact Report that outlines the outputs and achievements of the various programs that feed into our overarching mandate. Supporters will also have direct access to our Program Managers and implementation teams to hear about the impact on the field. Data obtained from these projects will be shared with our implementing partners and sector peers where appropriate via official reports and collaborations.

Project Dates

The Girls Education & Empowerment Fund is a multi-year funding initiative that super-charges donors' contributions by leveraging it against institutional grant funding to support long-term programs that address all the barriers girls face in accessing and completing a quality education.

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Plan International Australia
ABN: 49 004 875 807


Steffi Chang
Phone: 0455932846

About Plan International Australia

We’re the charity for girls’ equality. Plan International Australia is an independent international NGO that specialises in long-term development with a gender transformative approach. We work in over 77 countries worldwide and have reached over 40 million children with our sustainable programs.

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