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Supported beneficiary groups within Women & Girls
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Adults - aged 25 to under 65
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Project Description

It is estimated that in Australia, 8% of boys and 20% of girls will experience childhood sexual assault. These shocking numbers highlight the important need to raise awareness and provide new language for us to think about, talk about and respond to this issue. While the subject matter is uncomfortable, an exciting new space is opening up in Australia that has allowed this previously taboo issue to become part of a national conversation. From Australian of the Year Grace Tame to, most recently, Queensland MP Melissa McMahon, a commitment to speaking out publicly and without shame has changed the landscape, and it is within this landscape that our character-driven feature documentary, LEFT WRITE HOOK, was born. After receiving Documentary Australia approval, Sweetshop & Green productions are looking for project partners to help us close the financing gap of this powerful and important film.

Expected Outcomes

Our documentary aims to:
● Position incest and family violence as a central part of the conversation about child sexual abuse.
● Change the narrative about survivors to a strengths based one.
● Build the Left Write Hook recovery program as a sector leader.
● Attract funding to expand the program to offer it as a free service for survivors nationally.
● Create an open culture of community support for survivors Mental Health Sector.
● Produce a survivor authored resource toolkit to aid health experts & practitioners to respond effectively to reports of sexual abuse in someone’s history.
● Provide evidence-based research outcomes to inform the mental health practitioners about the efficacy of creative and body-based therapies for survivors.

Project Data & Lessons

Organisational partnerships with UoM, CASA and Blue Knot to develop, create and distribute a survivor authored resource toolkit to aid health experts & practitioners to respond effectively to reports of sexual abuse in someone’s history.
● Social media strategy such as “#break the silence” or “#eliminateshame”
● Multiplatform activity to link to book, excerpts of writings featured in the book and documentary
● Targeted stakeholder and community screenings to social workers, therapists, mental health and allied health experts with Q&A screenings with the team, including some of our participants.

Project Dates

Funding Details

Funding Needed
Current Funding
Total Project Costs
Approved Tax Deductability Status
Other Funding Sources
Screen Australia, VicScreen, Shark Island, University of Melbourne, Philanthropists and Distribution Sales.
Other Support Opportunities
Impact investment, In-kind contributions

Organisation Details

Sweetshop & Green
ABN: 47 636 103 949


About Sweetshop & Green

Sweetshop & Green is an Australian and New Zealand production company focused on producing local film and TV projects for global audiences. The company is a new partnership between global commercial production company Sweetshop, and one of Israel’s leading independent film production companies Green Productions.
Sweetshop & Green’s sensibilities lie with culturally diverse stories that are artistically driven. They specialise in international co-productions, developing and producing distinct projects for identified international audiences.

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