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The Australian Gynaecological Cancer Foundation

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Project Description

Awareness and research are the only cures to the 8 gynaecological cancers. Only 1 of the 8 cancers has a screening test and treatment. The other seven gynae cancers are often not diagnosed until they are already in the advanced stages. Our research shows us that a majority of women are unaware of the 8 gynae cancers and when challenged, are hard pressed to identify their lady parts. 1 in 23 Australian women will experience a gynae cancer in her lifetime. The five year survival rate of these cancers is low because of the stage they are often diagnosed in. Hence why it is essential to educate women to recognise the symptoms, take control of their health, and talk with their doctor about having the symptoms checked.

In this awareness campaign, we will reach women all over Australia to educate them via social media, clinics and communities. We will break down the barriers of discussing lady parts and make it a more comfortable topic so that we can give future generations hope of better screening and treatments.

Expected Outcomes

  • To have women engaging in conversations that involve the 8 gynae cancers and their lady parts;
  • To have women asking more questions of their GPs around their symptoms, asking for ultrasounds and examinations;
  • To have women aware of the signs and symptoms of the other six cancers; and
  • To have women participating in the self screening for cervical cancer, conducting monthly vulva cancer checks;
  • To have women campaigning for more funds dedicated to finding better screening and treatment.

Project Data & Lessons

The strong awareness campaign would run from February to December 2023 and we'd be able to measure engagement, reach and participation.

Project Dates

Project Commences: February 1, 2023
Project Completes: December 31, 2023

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The Australian Gynaecological Cancer Foundation
ABN: 17152685295


Kimberly Downes
Phone: +61413339294

About The Australian Gynaecological Cancer Foundation

The Australian Gynaecological Cancer Foundation is the only organisation that focuses on raising awareness and funds for research into all 8 of the gynae cancers. Of the 8 cancers, only one has a screening and early detection test and treatment. Once the other 7 are diagnosed they are often in the advanced stages. These cancers can occur at any age.

We provide research grants to Australia’s best and brightest medical brains, so they can find new ways to screen, treat, and conquer gynae cancers. We provide community awareness so women and girls know the signs and symptoms to look for to have further investigated by their doctors.

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