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Youth - 15 to under 25
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Project Description

KTF’s equality program, Project Zero, seeks to protect the communities most vulnerable, especially women, girls and children. The United Nations ranked Papua New Guinea (PNG) 169 out of 170 countries for gender inequality (2023). We are determined to change this. The goal of Project Zero is to address the gap in preventing and responding to Gender-based Violence (GBV) and family and sexual violence (FSV) in Oro Province in PNG, including institutional capacity, fragmented responses, lack of skilled professionals, limited support and case management services for survivors and insufficient awareness.

Project Zero holistically implements a two-pronged prevention/ response strategy with local partners to address GBV:

  • Preventing GBV/FSV: awareness-raising training, educational campaigns, strengthening referral pathways with key stakeholders: government, service providers including Family Sexual Violence Unit (FSVU) & Femili PNG, local and Provincial police, schools, health facilities, village courts, community leaders, women’s groups, provincial magistrate and community welfare officers.
  • Responding GBV/FSV: Enhancing KTF’s new Popondetta Safe House Transit House through operations, upskilling survivors (Lakautim Wantok), resourcing of PNGCA-qualified counsellors and implementing vital psychosocial support and case management services for survivors. The safe house also links with partners who provide justice and legal services, counselling, advocacy and repatriation support.

Expected Outcomes

The project's outcomes are:

  1. Service providers and communities take a zero-tolerance approach to GBV/FSV and violence against children (VAC), prioritising women, people with disabilities and people from vulnerable/marginalised backgrounds;
  2. Strengthened community awareness regarding FSV, GBV, and Child Protection (CP);
  3. Active response, reporting and education on VAC, GBV, and FSV by schools, health facilities, Colleges and community;
  4. Increased collaboration among stakeholders to take collective action in addressing GBV, FSV and VAC;
  5. Empowered community members with the necessary skills to respond and support survivors of violence;
  6. Enhanced access to psychosocial support services for survivors of FSV;
  7. Survivors and their families receive safety, and support, and regain agency and empowerment.

Project Data & Lessons

KTF's approach to monitoring and evaluation of this project against target outcomes will include the following activities:

  1. Quarterly reports completed by Program Manager in consultation with partners, beneficiaries and other stakeholders
  2. Field reports undertaken by various project-level and organisational-level staff including visits to training venues, visits to schools, participation in training, meetings with partners, beneficiaries and stakeholders, and meetings with government counterparts
  3. Case studies completed of survivors from the Safe House, partners and community members completing training
  4. Action research following the journeys of women and other stakeholders throughout the course of the project and informs project design changes and adaptations according to a feedback loop.

Project Dates

Project Commences: June 1, 2023
Project Completes: June 6, 2025

Funding Details

Funding Needed
Current Funding
Total Project Costs
Approved Tax Deductability Status
Approved Tax Concession Charity
Other Funding Sources
Australian Government; Canadian Government - Web of Hope; KTF contribution

Organisation Details

Kokoda Track Foundation
ABN: 45 103 660 948


Cherry O'Brien

About Kokoda Track Foundation

For over two decades, KTF has operated as an international development organization in rural and remote communities in PNG. Our programs in Education, Health, Equality and Leadership have made a significant impact across all 22 provinces, with a primary focus in Oro Province as KTF’s ‘birthplace’. These programs aim to train high-quality teachers and community health workers, provide these professionals with mentoring and professional development opportunities, build educational and health infrastructure, support access to sustainable energy sources, fund the ongoing maintenance and resourcing of schools and aid posts, and provide remuneration to teachers and health workers across rural regions. Our Equality program works with communities to raise awareness for equality and shift harmful norms towards GBV, whilst supporting the first-of-its-kind Safe House in Oro Province. Additionally, KTF’s national Leadership program, spanning thirteen years, offers final-year tertiary students a year-long experiential leadership journey to foster leadership skills.

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