Quality Education For Vulnerable Girls in Northern Uganda

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Children living in poverty face many barriers to education, but the stakes are especially high for girls. Recent data indicates that only 54% of girls in Uganda complete their primary education, for reasons relating to poverty, early marriage or social stigmas.

Te-Kworo Foundation is creating pathways for thousands of these young women to continue their education. Our three boarding schools in Pader, Kitgum and Nwoya in northern Uganda provide quality education to vulnerable girls who do not have access to school because of poverty, they are orphaned, refugees or have a baby.

In 2023, the Te-Kworo schools reached record numbers of attendance, with more than 650 girls enrolled in our education programs. While some families can afford to contribute to their daughters’ education, most cannot. Our scholarships program is allowing the majority of these students on campus to live on site and attend for free.

The campus at Nwoya provides a program for the special circumstances of child mothers. The curriculum is suited to the routine and grade level of these students and includes childcare facilities, so that mothers have care available for their babies while they learn.

The Te-Kworo Vocational Training Program equips and empowers young women to start small businesses in tailoring or hairdressing. These young women are equipped to find employment, which will help to protect them from early marriage and exploitation.

Expected Outcomes

Our bold vision is to Secure a Future for African Girls and we believe that education is the key to achieving this. Our goal is to ensure that vulnerable girls in northern Uganda have access to high quality education, especially those girls who are most vulnerable to poverty or are excluded from school because they have a baby.

In 2023 we have 650 students enrolled in secondary education and 40 students enrolled in vocational training. Through education and pastoral care, we expect these girls will have the opportunity to think beyond village life and create a future for themselves. The result of our efforts will be that students feel happy and safe at school, they learn with dignity, are stretched academically and are directed into higher learning or vocational opportunities that will result in livelihoods that lift them out of poverty.

Beyond the education of our students, this year we expect to:

  • Improve school facilities including the construction of a new bathroom and pit latrines
  • Install solar panels as a back up electricity source at all sites
  • Purchase additional desks, chairs, beds and lockers for our growing number of students
  • Include computer literacy opportunities to ensure our students are technologically literate
  • Provide agricultural learning and livelihoods opportunities to students and the community
  • Grow the capacity of our teaching staff, engaging them in training that builds their skills and improves education outcomes.

Project Data & Lessons

Te-Kworo has an Australian management team and board and Ugandan management team and board who are all in regular communication and work closely to assess our targets, expected outcomes and reporting. We also provide regular communication to supporters through our newsletter, social media platforms, website and impact report. There are multiple trips throughout the year to see the work first hand. We have enjoyed very personal relationships with our supporters and welcome new friends to the Te-Kworo Foundation family.

Project Dates

We run year on year aiming to send as many girls to school without compromising on the quality of education, teachers and facilities

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Te-Kworo Foundation
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Emily Antcliff

About Te-Kworo Foundation

Te-Kworo Foundation is a community-based organisation providing quality education, maternal and child healthcare and social protection to girls, women and children in northern Uganda. Today, Te-Kworo Foundation operates three boarding schools in northern Uganda. Our schools in Kitgum, Pader and Nwoya provide quality education to vulnerable girls who do not otherwise have access to school. These girls may be excluded because they have a baby, are orphans, refugees or have families living in extreme poverty. More than 4,000 girls have benefitted from academic studies and vocational training since the schools were founded, and numbers are still growing.

Te-Kworo Foundation also operates a Medical and Maternal Health Clinic which serves a population of approximately 300,000 people. We strive to give every woman and child the chance of a healthy life by supporting access to life-saving maternal health services and the opportunity for a safe birth for every pregnant woman. We have two ambulances to transfer critical cases to the nearest hospital, which is two hours away. The clinic also provides services for minor surgery, paediatric care, vaccinations and ante-natal care. The Te-Kworo maternal health facility supports 500 safe births each year.

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Quality Education For Vulnerable Girls in Northern Uganda

Te-Kworo Foundation is creating pathways for thousands of girls and young women in Uganda to continue their education.
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