Safe Births And Quality Healthcare For Vulnerable Women in Northern Uganda

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Every year in Uganda, 6,000 women die from pregnancy and childbirth-related complications. Sadly, most of these deaths are preventable. Te-Kworo Foundation is implementing a Maternal and Child Health project in northern Uganda, with the aim of giving vulnerable women and children the chance of a healthy life. We do this by supporting access to essential maternal health services through the operation of a Maternal Health Clinic, an emergency referral service and a Mobile Clinic. By offering skilled care, before, during and after childbirth – we can save the lives of women and their newborn babies.

The Te-Kworo Medical and Maternal Health Clinic provides a free clinic to care for pregnant mothers and assist them to safely deliver their babies. The facility supports over 1,000 women through their pregnancy each year. The clinic also provides services for minor surgery, paediatric care, vaccinations, and ante-natal care.
The project has two ambulances that transfer pregnant and birthing women who require emergency surgery to the nearest hospital, which is two hours away. In the past year, the referral service has made 500 emergency transfers, saving the lives of mothers and their babies.

Our Mobile Medical Clinic conducts regular outreach to deliver medical services and health education to vulnerable and remote communities. Pregnant women are provided with birthing kits which contain basic items that are required for a clean and safe delivery.

Expected Outcomes

The goal of the Maternal Health Project is to improve the health of women (reproductive age) and children in the three districts of Pader, Nwoya and Omoro in northern Uganda.

Through our project activities, we expect to see:

  • Access to free, quality maternal health services for pregnant mothers
  • Safer childbirths, the delivery of live babies, and mothers not injured during childbirth
  • Greater quality of childbirth services, with births attended by trained, local midwives and health care professionals
  • Increased knowledge and uptake of antenatal and postnatal care
  • Women experiencing obstructed labor transferred in a timely and safe way to the nearest surgical facility
  • Access to quality primary health care for poor communities, particularly children between the ages of 0-5
  • Reduced mortality and morbidity in very remote communities due to increased public health knowledge and uptake of medical care


Project Data & Lessons

Te-Kworo has an Australian management team and board and Ugandan management team and board who are all in regular communication and work closely to assess our targets, expected outcomes and reporting. We also provide regular communication to supporters through our newsletter, social media platforms, website and impact report. There are multiple trips throughout the year to see the work first hand. We have enjoyed very personal relationships with our supporters and welcome new friends to the Te-Kworo Foundation family.

Project Dates

We run continuously seeking to support 300,000 members of the community year on year

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In-kind contributions, Pro bono services

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Te-Kworo Foundation
ABN: 17 657 059 357


Emily Antcliff

About Te-Kworo Foundation

Te-Kworo Foundation is a community-based organisation providing quality education, maternal and child healthcare and social protection to girls, women and children in northern Uganda. Today, Te-Kworo Foundation operates three boarding schools in northern Uganda. Our schools in Kitgum, Pader and Nwoya provide quality education to vulnerable girls who do not otherwise have access to school. These girls may be excluded because they have a baby, are orphans, refugees or have families living in extreme poverty. More than 4,000 girls have benefitted from academic studies and vocational training since the schools were founded, and numbers are still growing. Te-Kworo Foundation also operates a Medical and Maternal Health Clinic which serves a population of approximately 300,000 people. We strive to give every woman and child the chance of a healthy life by supporting access to life-saving maternal health services and the opportunity for a safe birth for every pregnant woman. We have two ambulances to transfer critical cases to the nearest hospital, which is two hours away. The clinic also provides services for minor surgery, paediatric care, vaccinations and ante-natal care. The Te-Kworo maternal health facility supports 500 safe births each year.

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