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Bangladesh is highly susceptible to natural disasters and the ravages of climate change. While all citizens bear the brunt of these catastrophes, those residing in the coastal and rural Char areas are exceptionally vulnerable as they regularly face cyclones, floods, earthquakes and river erosion.

Amid this hardship, women additionally face gender-specific challenges including domestic and gender-based violence, and child marriage. Women’s vulnerability is exacerbated by their heavy reliance on local natural resources to carry out traditional livelihoods such as animal husbandry and farming, which are sadly prone to being destroyed by natural disasters.

Recognising these vulnerabilities, local leader Eve Karim has taken up the mantle of empowering women in disaster-prone regions. Through skill development training in tailoring, embroidery and block printing, Eve is providing opportunities for women to become financially independent and resilient in the face of multiple burdens.

Funding this project will cover the annual running costs of two skills training centres in Bogra and Khulna, two regions highly susceptible to climate crises.

Expected Outcomes

This project aims to ensure 80 low-resourced women are equipped with vocational skills needed to reduce their reliance on male family members, and on livelihoods that are easily destroyed by floods and erosion, providing them with alternative sources of income.

This initiative not only addresses immediate needs but also fosters long-term self-sufficiency. Once the women have successfully completed their training, they will be connected to the local markets where they can begin to take orders and earn an income. This will boost their confidence as budding entrepreneurs while elevating their social status.

Increased social status is important in deeply patriarchal societies because it shifts women from being perceived as dependent “liabilities” who don’t contribute financially to the household, to becoming valuable assets within their families. This in turn reduces incidences of domestic and gender-based violence, and early marriages.

The women's economic empowerment initiated through this project aims to lead to a gradual reduction of inequality within these volatile communities, while increasing women’s resilience to the challenges of climate breakdown. This represents a significant stride toward a fairer and more resilient society.

Project Data & Lessons

This project will be led by Bangladeshi, Eve Karim who was recognised in 2020 as a Forbes 30 under 30 Asia recipient for her work towards gender equality in Bangladesh.
Eve takes on board the learnings from each community project run and uses it to strengthen the design of future interventions.
Those interested in funding this initiative have the opportunity to meet directly with Eve via video call. They'll be able to learn more about the project and the local context for women in Bangladesh and determine whether supporting this project will help them meet their goals of contribution.
Following the delivery of this program, the project funder will have the opportunity again to meet directly with Eve to hear her reflections about the impact that the program has had on Bangladeshi women in the vulnerable coastal and rural Char areas of Bangladesh.

Project Dates

Project Commences: September 1, 2024
Project Completes: August 31, 2025

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Just Peoples
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Johanna de Burca
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About Just Peoples

We believe in a world without poverty. Where communities have the power to solve their own problems, their own way.

We don’t believe that foreign intervention is the key to solving poverty. We believe that real, sustainable change comes about when people are given the resources to lift their own communities out of poverty. We tackle global poverty by backing grassroots leaders to design and deliver locally appropriate solutions to the challenges their communities face. Just Peoples currently supports 16 local leaders from across Africa and Asia who are bringing to life a wide-range of projects based on delivering gender-based, health, education, technological, and economic outcomes for people living in poverty. The leaders we support are effective because they have a deep understanding of the local context of poverty in peoples’ lives, and have established respected relationships in their communities. Their insight and expertise make them the best people to understand problems, and implement culturally appropriate solutions that work. So far we have supported 34 local leaders to deliver 202 grassroots projects globally, impacting the lives of over 240,000 people living in poverty.

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