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This program is designed to fast track the development of Alishia through engagement with a group of mentors. With an investment of $5,000 each month (ongoing), you will become the mentor/mentor group for our facilitator Alishia.
Alishia is a young woman who has been involved with Reach for many years: “As a Reach Crew member who came into the organisation when I was 16. I feel so privileged to be in spaces with young people where they are open and vulnerable and are constantly striving to be the best versions of themselves.”
Our facilitators can impact approximately 10k-15k young people over the next 12 months. A mentorship of one person has an enormous ripple effect in the community. Supporting Alishia through her development journey allows her to work around Australia improving the social and emotional wellbeing of others, while also supporting her growth as an individual.
This opportunity is ideal for a Giving Circle or an organisation who has the ability to assign a mentor or group of mentors to Alishia to help develop her in broader life and expose her to more opportunities outside of Reach. This will have a two-way benefit for the mentor and the mentee.

Expected Outcomes

Our aim is to pair Alishia with a diverse and talented group of mentors who empower each other. By supporting Alishia in her journey as a Reach Crew member it will allow her to impact thousands of young people around Australia.
Reach has a long and proud history of nurturing young leaders, however the impact of COVID on our crew numbers has meant we are not able to meet the growing demand for our work.
As well as developing and delivering Reach workshops and experiences, our existing crew take part in extensive training and development, contribute to the leadership of Reach, and train and mentor the next generation of Crew coming through.
By investing more into this process, we can build connection between current crew members and support them to become bold, engaging and authentic leaders with training focused on how to help other young people deal with the impacts of major, disruptive experiences such as COVID.
The adolescent period is a time of increased risk taking, impulsivity and change, but it’s also a period of incredible neurological development. During this time, young peoples’ experiences shape and influence who they are and can impact their lives well into adulthood. Having positive role models alongside for the journey can help young people to unlock their potential and is a known protective factor for mental health.

Project Data & Lessons

Mentors will be kept up to date on the overall work of Reach and of Alishia personally, through storytelling and data reporting. Alishia will be in contact monthly with updates on her training and stories from workshops that she facilitates, while also meeting in person once per quarter. Mentors will receive a formal report from Reach as an organisation every 6 months on it’s activity, be invited to Reach events and have the opportunity to volunteer and meet other facilitators. This will be a highly personable relationship which will grow over time as all relationships do. Reports will include number of young people impacted, instances of participation and programs delivered among other updates.
The mentors will also receive:
1.An ability to utilize the facilitator as a highly trained event MC
2.Internal team building for their staff four times per year from the facilitator
3.Access to Reach CEO to talk at a company event or conference and free venue hire at the Dream Factory when needed
4.Access to the vast Reach network for any connections needed
5.Monthly updates from the facilitator on their work and personal development

Project Dates

This is an ongoing project to support Alishia in her journey.

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Organisation Details

The Reach Foundation
ABN: 87069837627


Tom Langmaid
Phone: 0409004730

About The Reach Foundation

We connect with a young person, uncover what’s holding them back, and equip them with the tools to set goals, deal with conflict and stand up for what they believe in. We give them the skills to navigate life’s challenges. We then do the same for thousands of other young Australians every single year. Creating generations of confident, self-aware, passionate young people shaping the world to be a better place. Our workshops are for anyone aged from 10 to 18 and are led by other young people who have been on the journey too. We call them the Crew.
As well as running all of our workshops, the crew are involved in ongoing training and development, contributing to the leadership of Reach, and training and mentoring younger crew.

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