Survivor centred restorative justice in response to sexual abuse and related harm

Transforming Justice Australia

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Transforming Justice Australia’s primary objective is to advance survivor-centre, restorative justice responses to sexual violence and to reduce the impact of all harms including child sexual abuse and sexual assault. We are one of three community based organisations providing restorative justice in response to sexual abuse and related harm, and the only in NSW.

We provide free services in the community and have a team of facilitators based on many lands. Providing access to meaningful, survivor centred justice using a restorative framework is the core work of the organisation.

Research and practice are at the heart of our organisation and guide our initiatives to advance and promote restorative justice practices in Australia for adults, children and young people harmed by sexual violence.

We consist of a panel of experts who bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, skill and wisdom about how to prevent and respond to sexual abuse and other harmful behaviours.

Our consultancy specialist practice provides support, advice, education and collaboration for and with organisations who have identified a need for restorative justice practices and processes. We can provide specialist consultancy practice services on a fee for service basis.

We are also open to collaborations and co-design supported by shared grant funding.

Expected Outcomes

Our starting point is to support those harmed to define what justice means for them.

We provide many restorative opportunities.

For some people, meeting in a conference or circle may be important; but other restorative opportunities might be more suitable such as exchanging information or seeking a written apology from the person responsible.

Our restorative facilitators explore what would feel safe and best suit the person harmed.

We take time to build trust to ensure a safe, supported and fair process; and meaningful justice.

Our responsibility is to facilitate these processes using survivors voice, dignity, accountability, choice and hope as guiding values; to ensure that no further harm occurs.

Project Data & Lessons

We are committed to the development of scientific evidence-based practice; the development of our programs is predicated on the best available scientific research evidence. We are committed to providing evidence for the efficacy of our work and will use a monitoring and evaluation framework that looks at process, outcome and impacts.

Whilst we value the scientific method, at heart we are knowledge seekers: curious, open to learning, willing to explore and driven to understand practices that have longevity, that are understood in community to lessen harm and that are respected in local fields.

We balance learnings from the scientific field with learnings from community, and as we are not ideologically driven to practice in any particular way, able to continually adapt our work as best-practice around what works, for whom, under what conditions and why develops.

Project Dates

This is our core service delivery which operates for free in the community

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Westpac Safer Communities Safer Children, Snow Foundation, NED Foundation
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Organisation Details

Transforming Justice Australia
ABN: 62451919143


Thea Deakin-Greenwood
Phone: 0493552653

About Transforming Justice Australia

Transforming Justice Australia is an independent, community-based organisation providing restorative practices for people harmed by sexual abuse, those responsible, their families and community. Our restorative practices are survivor-oriented, trauma-informed and we place value on voice, dignity, accountability, safety, and voluntariness.

We offer services in the community, and in some instances, alongside criminal and legal system responses. We also offer a range of consulting services including advisory, co-design, and education training on restorative responses to sexual abuse for government, schools, companies, and community organizations.

General Advice – to organizations in support of the prevention and responses to sexual abuse and harmful sexual behaviours.

Co-Design – to assist organizations or communities to co-design a restorative response.

Research Services – assist organisation or communities to develop a monitoring and evaluation framework or to provide services via consultancy.

Education and Training – to provide training on restorative practice for government, schools, companies, community organizations through individual training or webinars.

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