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The Young Warrior Woman Program is an innovative program for young women who are at-risk of living lives dictated by poverty. Young women who participate come from backgrounds of trauma, abuse, intergenerational poverty and unemployment, low educational attainment, early pregnancy.

The Young Warrior Woman Program works with young women in a strengths-based approach to increase their financial literacy, educational attainment, and employability, to ensure that they are economically empowered to become successful, independent adults.

In their recent report ‘Poverty in Australia 2023: Who is affected’ ACOSS and UNSW reported that Australia faces poverty that is “highly gendered”. Women have much lower average incomes than men and, during covid, received substantially less job keeper payments. Coupled with the current high cost of living, women in Australia are faced with a perpetuating cycle of poverty from one generation to the next.

The Personal Safety Survey (2023) revealed why poverty for young women is so concerning with women facing poverty at elevated risk of sexual harassment, financial abuse and assault. 31% of women in poverty reported sexual harassment in the previous year compared to 14% of their peers.

This is why The Warrior Woman Foundation seeks to expand The Young Warrior Woman Program to 300 young women per year to ensure that the most vulnerable young women in our country break the cycle of poverty and disadvantage that they have faced since birth.

Expected Outcomes

The Young Warrior Woman Program creates possibilities for a brighter, more sustainable future for vulnerable and marginalised young women in Australia.

It does this by achieving the following outcomes with young women:
-increased financial literacy and money management skills
-increased employability and self-efficacy (the belief that they can get and keep a job)
-increased engagement in education or training
-increased safety and security of housing
-increased confidence and self-esteem
-increased knowledge of healthy lifestyle choices
-increased networks and healthy relationships
-increased physical and mental health
-increased knowledge of safe sex, contraception and family planning
-increased ability to set and achieve goals
-increase in new friendships that can be sustained beyond the project

The Warrior Woman Foundation will know that it has achieved these outcomes through thorough evaluation and via feedback from young women and their Mentors.

The Warrior Woman Foundation will know it has achieved these outcomes if young women leave the program feeling more confident, more supported and more connected to their community.

The Warrior Woman Foundation believes that these outcomes not only benefit young women in Australia today but future generations of Australians who will be raised by women who have the skills and confidence to manage money and plan for their family's financial future.

Project Data & Lessons

The Warrior Woman Foundation has an existing Outcome Measurement Framework which determines the extent to which each young woman grows in skills and confidence and, the extent to which the project itself meets the outcomes intended. Measurement is based on pre and post surveys as well as ongoing review of program content to ensure continuous improvement.

Surveys ask young women to respond to strengths-based “I Statements” such as “I have long term goals for education and/or employment” using a 5-point scale from 1=Not like me to 5=Definitely like me

Data from the surveys is compiled in evaluation software Social Suite which can analyse, compare and report on each measure individually or collectively.

The Warrior Woman Foundation compiles an Annual Social Impact Statement which identifies, analyses and monitors the social impacts of The Young Warrior Woman Program at all stages of the project lifecycle.

The Annual Social Impact Statement is available publicly on our website.

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The Warrior Woman Foundation
ABN: 39 639 603 071


Jessica Brown
Phone: 0408162473

About The Warrior Woman Foundation

At The Warrior Woman Foundation our mission is to empower young women to become resilient, independent and capable of taking their place in the world.

Our vision is for every Australian woman to achieve independence through financial wellbeing by increasing their confidence: to take charge of earning and managing their own money; plan for future economic security and; protect themselves from financial abuse.
Our vision is delivered through The Young Warrior Woman Program.

The Young Warrior Woman Program is an evidence-based, multi-disciplinary program derived from the Self Determination Theory and addresses 3 crucial, simultaneous needs for young women to take control of their lives: relatedness, autonomy and competence.
Each program supports 25 young women, for 6-months, to build the skills required to become healthy, independent adults. A crucial component of The Young Warrior Woman Program is mentoring. Each participant is matched with a volunteer Mentor who provides support, guidance and role modeling. Mentors are women with life experience who provide one-hour per week of their time for 6-months.

The Young Warrior Woman Program is currently delivered in NSW and Queensland to 75 young women per year. The aim of this project is to expand the project to 300 young women per year including young women in regional areas.

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