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Supported beneficiary groups within Women & Girls
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Adults - aged 25 to under 65
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ACT | NSW | NT | QLD | SA | TAS | VIC | WA

Project Description

Women over 50 are the fastest-growing cohort experiencing homelessness in Australia and Under Cover follows an eclectic group of these women who are tough and determined, while experiencing homelessness.
Their moving but optimistic portraits lay bare the flaws in our society, as well as our economic fragility in the modern world. The stories of these women remind us that homelessness is not always visible and they could easily be you, me, your mother, your sister, your aunt or your grandmother.
To coincide with the release of feature documentary UNDER COVER, will be an extensive social impact campaign. This campaign will utilise the opportunity of exposure given to the issue of homelessness in Australia through the release of the film and create further reach and change for women living in Australia.
Under Cover will be released in cinemas in 2022, coinciding with an impact tour taking place around Australia that will be invite only events to allow us to target those in a position to create change. We will then be coordinating community and education screenings throughout 2023
The impact producer will continue producing ongoinig resources and assets over the next 18 months including but not limited to:
– Edited clips that didn’t make the film to utilise as discussion points
– Discussion guide
– Ongoing creation of articles to continue creating conversation around the issue
– Social media assets to allow for easy sharing

Expected Outcomes

The film will be seen by as many people as possible, no matter how they see it:
Our goal is for this film to be used as a vehicle for change and that we will see a large public rollout of the film, as well as targeted communication surrounding the release of the film and over the next 18 months.
Success will include the theatrical release of the film, the film broadcasted on national television, and importantly will then be rolled out throughout Australia as part of our impact tour, along with stand alone community and education events, with the ability to connect those in a position to support change with each other and the core messages of the film.
Film supports changes in policy, law, public opinion, investigation, boycott etc:
The website for this film will provide important rersources, templates and guides to continue to push for change on women’s homelessness.
We will have a comprehensive list of those already working in the NFP space to ensure that the audience has the ability to follow through in supporting change by being linked to the appropriate organisations.
This film will be meaningful and connect to people on an emotional level:
In addition to the film’s core messages, we will be producing additional resources including powerful interviews with experts and women who are experiencing homelessness, that were not included in the final film. These will be shared throughout our community for further engagement and connection to this issue.

Project Data & Lessons

We have the ability to collate data through post attendance surveys at our events, analytics from our website, and statistics on how many screenings we have managed, including the attendance to these events and discussions.

Project Dates

Project Commences: September 1, 2022
Project Completes: December 31, 2023

Funding Details

Funding Needed
Current Funding
Total Project Costs
Auspice Details
5% of money raised as admin costs
Other Funding Sources
Quest Australia, Donations
Other Support Opportunities
Not Interested

Organisation Details

Documentary Australia
ABN: 11227328793


Diana Fisk
Phone: +61403525395

About Documentary Australia

Documentary Australia Foundation’s purpose is to advance awareness and inspire action on important social issues by supporting independent documentary filmmakers and organisations on the front-lines of social change, and amplifying the impact of their works to foster awareness, genuine public dialogue, empathy, and social transformation.
We inspire and nurture partnerships between philanthropic individuals, private foundations, charities and documentary filmmakers.
Documentary Australia provides expertise, information, guidance and resources to help each sector work together to achieve their goals.
We do not make or commission films. We manage and receive grants and donations which are directed either towards our own operations or to specific film projects.

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