Supported beneficiary groups within Women & Girls
Age Demographic
Children - aged 6 to under 15
Project Focus
Project Area

Project Description

UNITY is aimed at girls and gender diverse people aged 10-12 in the Bankstown area. This 12-week early intervention music mentoring program teaches singing and songwriting through the lens of talking about what makes up healthy relationships with our community, family, friends, peers and ourselves. The participants will learn about and celebrate diversity, intersectionality, consent, boundaries, respect and body positivity. They will critically deconstruct negative messages that they are receiving about gender stereotypes and relationships, and use creative self-expression through songwriting to explore these topics and inspire a brighter future world. The participants will write a song about what they’ve learnt and record a music video.

UNITY was designed in collaboration with our community working group of young people, teachers, parents, partner organisations and social service organisations. It is also building on the well established foundations of our RESPECT program, a similar project for young boys that has been operating in local primary schools for the last 7 years. Respect has been evaluated by three Universities and has been found to increase awareness and understanding of domestic violence and healthy relationships in 98% of participants. Teachers tell us about the culture of the school shifting over the years that we return. We believe we’ll replicate this success using the framework.

Expected Outcomes

UNITY will empower participants to:

  • Build self-esteem and self-efficacy
  • Identify and articulate what healthy relationships look like
  • Identify different relationship power dynamics, and how they would like their relationships to be
  • Learn community empowerment, personal resilience and interpersonal coping mechanisms, tools and strategies
  • Establish outlets for emotion and message comprehension and spreading through art and performance
  • Establish and engage with a network of peers, mentors and artists who reflect the dynamic and diverse communities the schools are situated in
  • Learn and identify consent as an act of everyday actions

Facilitators will be representative of the demographics as it is important for young people to see themselves in role models.

We are collaborating with OurWatch as evaluation design consultants to measure qualitative data by what the participants learn and gain from the program and quantitative data through percentages of changed attitudes, understandings of concepts and information learnt.

Pre and post interviews will be conducted.

At the end of workshops we will ask participants to articulate what they learnt and will have facilitators conduct a debrief using an evaluation sheet and follow up with teachers or counsellors if necessary.

Project Data & Lessons

We will generate and share impact reports. As well as keeping our website updated with statistics and information relevant within society and our community. We will also generate and share social media posts for our local community about statistics and information as well as share from the workshops what the participants create.

For example, in one workshop we will create inspiration dolls. The participants will create paper dolls of the women who inspire and support them. We will create a song with each cohort with information about the project at the end.

Participants will perform at conferences and in public, spreading awareness. Our Artistic Director + CEO will speak at events about UNITY. And our active connections with community networks allow us to share our knowledge. Networks we belong to:

  • Western Sydney Arts Alliances
  • Theatre Network NSW
  • Theatre Network Australia
  • Canterbury Bankstown Working With Youth Network
  • Multicultural Youth NSW
  • BYRC Youth groups
  • Canterbury Bankstown + Fairfield Inclusive Communities Network
  • Canterbury Bankstown + Fairfield Children and Families Network
  • The Smith Family Bankstown Communities for Children Committee
  • The Smith Family Bankstown Communities for Children Community Partners Network

Project Dates

We will start in 2022 and depending on funding, hope to continue indefinitely.

Funding Details

Funding Needed
Current Funding
Total Project Costs
Approved Tax Deductability Status
Approved Tax Concession Charity
Other Funding Sources
The Smith Family, Bankstown Sports Club
Other Support Opportunities
Impact investment, In-kind contributions, Other, Pro bono services
Other Forms of Support
We are open to collaborations and conversations about innovative ways to work together.

Organisation Details

ABN: 85 287 557 998


Finn O'Branagáin (she/her)
Phone: 0478247178

About Outloud

Outloud is an intersectional, CALD-focused social impact arts organisation that creates genuine, meaningful, inspiring opportunities for young people in Western Sydney.

Our award-winning projects address nationally relevant issues that are affecting young people in Western Sydney. We use community-embedded contemporary arts to drive positive change for young people with best practice, evidence-based programs that are fun and inspiring. We specialise in early-intervention harm-reduction that celebrates strengths and amplifies socially-marginalised young people’s thoughts and ideas. We put a spotlight on global issues that are affecting our local young people and amplify their thoughts and ideas. We elevate skills and confidence and aim to build self-efficacy and social cohesion.

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