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We will recruit, train and support 50 volunteers to mentor 50 women and girls entangled in the criminal justice system. These mentors will walk alongside women and girls to provide pro-social support, alleviating their sense of isolation as they navigate their way back into the community. Our Mentoring Program provides women with an opportunity to learn coping mechanisms, new skills, confidence, and direction to assist them in overcoming various issues, allowing them to become contributing members of the community and avoid incarceration. This social support is flexible and individually tailored to meet the needs of women and girls.

WJN does this work because women in NSW are being incarcerated at an unprecedented rate. The number of women in prison has more than doubled in the last decade. Correctional centres have now exceeded capacity and there has been no corresponding increase in female rehabilitation or diversionary programs to reflect this increase. These high rates are not just numbers. They are real women who often come from deeply disadvantaged backgrounds, have endured childhood and/or adult sexual assault, physical and verbal abuse.

Women entangled in the criminal justice system deserve opportunities to turn their lives around. they deserve the opportunity to make positive life-changing choices, contribute within their communities and live their best lives. Through non-judgemental mentoring support our volunteer mentors make this possible.

Expected Outcomes

The expected outcome of the project is to reduce recidivism rate of women and girls entering the criminal justice system and that all women and girls affected or at risk of the criminal justice system live free from violence and discrimination, benefit from adequate living standards, are treated with dignity and respect and are empowered to secure and preserve their individual rights. Through our Mentoring Program women and girls will be better positioned to make positive choices and lifestyle changes that promote their global wellbeing, encourage autonomy, community reintegration and learning from lived experiences. We will know we have achieved this when women and girls remain in the community, have secured permanent housing, re-engaged in employment and/or study and are successful in reconnecting with their children. The WJN Mentoring Program is proven to reduce rates of recidivism and ultimately reduce crime. To date the program has had a 93% success rate of any woman who has engaged in the program for 1 year or more has not re-offended or returned to prison.

Project Data & Lessons

WJN will collect data using our internal databases and client management systems currently used to assist in collating program participation and program outcomes. This includes a range of quantitative and qualitative measures. WJN will promote project outcomes and impact through the following means:
●De-identified case studies that are included in WJN’s eNews and social media channels.
●showcased at our Annual General Meeting
●Hearing the voices of women and girls through positive media stories, promotional videos and podcasts.

Project Dates

Project Commences: July 1, 2021
Project Completes: June 30, 2022

Funding Details

Funding Needed
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Other Funding Sources
Donations, Fundraisers, Partnerships with retailers who are donating a percentage of their commission to WJN
Other Support Opportunities
Impact investment, In-kind contributions, Pro bono services

Organisation Details

Women’s Justice Network
ABN: 68013567095


Gloria Larman
Phone: 02 8011 0699

About Women’s Justice Network

The Women’s Justice Network (WJN) is a registered charity with over 10 years of experience of working with women and girls entangled in the criminal justice system (CJS). Our team is led by a voluntary Board with diverse expertise in governance, risk management, financial, legal and lived experience. Our lived experienced Advisory Panel helps guide the work of the organisation. Our programs are delivered by a small team of staff and over 90 trained volunteers who work together to advance the prospects and wellbeing of women and girls affected or at risk of becoming entangled in the CJS. WJN’s vision is that all women and girls affected or at risk of the criminal justice system live free from violence and discrimination, benefit from adequate living standards, are treated with dignity and respect and are empowered to secure and preserve their individual rights. Our Mentoring Programs and Youth Group Work provide a holistic approach that is gender-responsive, strength-based, client-centred and trauma- informed to support women and girls in the criminal justice system or at-risk youth. We are currently delivering services across Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter and Newcastle regions.

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