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Despite considerable advances made in recent decades women and girls in Australia, and around the world, still experience significant disadvantage in many spheres - including the outcomes of philanthropic programs.

Gender-wise is the term we’ve coined to describe an approach to giving that recognises the significant role gender plays in the way we experience different aspects of life. It is also referred to as applying a gender lens.

Because programs affect women and men differently, even those that seem gender-neutral often actually exclude or under-serve some people simply because of their gender, and perpetuate existing inequities.

Gender-wise funders seek to understand this by analysing data and asking questions about how issues might affect women and men, and people of diverse gender identity, differently. 

By adopting gender-wise principles and tools, you can make sure that the programs, projects and organisations that you support better address women’s particular needs and circumstances. Examining issues through the lens of gender makes visible different needs and circumstances to better inform design and delivery, promoting inclusion and enhancing impact. 


Remaking the norm

Australians Investing In Women in collaboration with Deloitte Access Economics and Minderoo Foundation, has released the second iteration of its Breaking the Norm report – Remaking the Norm – revealing the six actions key to dismantling harmful gender norms and inequities in Australia. The report, which includes new research into the equality-based attitudes and behaviours of corporate Australia, outlines how society can dismantle bias and stereotypes through practical policy recommendations and learnings from successful change initiatives and actions.


Equitable Foundations

The Equitable Foundations Framework and Case Studies for Gender-wise Philanthropy in Partnerships provides exemplar models and a Framework to guide philanthropic funders in incorporating a gender lens, or gender equity principles, into their partnerships with other funders, including governmental and private entities.  


Guide to Gender-wise Philanthropy

Our Guide to
Gender-wise Philanthropy outlines the case for investing in women and girls, provides an introduction to gender lens concepts, shares case studies and suggests steps for those at the beginning of the journey, as well as actions for those further progressed in gender-wise philanthropic practice.


Presentations and Gender-wise Workshops

We also offer presentations to philanthropic Boards and Gender-wise Workshops for philanthropic staff. Contact us to request a presentation or workshop.


Gender-wise Toolkit for Grantmakers

Our Gender-wise Toolkit for Grantmakers is a practical step by step ‘how to’ resource that complements the Guide to Gender-wise Philanthropy providing funders with simple downloadable tools.

Sharpening Our Focus on Corporate Giving

Sharpening Our Focus on Corporate Giving: Keeping Gender Equality in The Frame has been developed in collaboration with the Champions of Change Coalition setting out a framework to assess corporate giving and community partnership programs through a gender lens and accelerate progress towards gender equality.


A Home of One's Own

A Home of One’s Own: Philanthropic and social sector solutions for women’s housing – commissioned by Australians Investing in Women and undertaken by Per Capita Executive Director Emma Dawson –  outlines how older women and single mothers are at much higher risk of homelessness and severe financial stress.


Breaking the Norm

‘Breaking the Norm’ Unleashing Australia’s Economic Potential – sheds a light on the substantial role that gender norms play in driving gender gaps in Australia. 

Modelling for the report found that letting go of prescriptive gender norms would grow the economy by $47 billion by 2040 and $163 billion by 2050. Over the next 50 years, the benefits would continue to grow, reaching $515 billion. This would mean $128 billion more in GDP every year, on average.


Equity Economics prepared a report Australians Investing in Women, Gender-wise Investing: A Springboard to Australia’s Recovery in April 2020 to analyse the impact of COVID-19 on women in Australia.

The research offered compelling evidence about the gendered impacts of the pandemic to help inform effective philanthropic investment. 


Changing The Trajectory

In the aftermath of the 2019 / 2020 bushfires and COVID-19 global pandemic, Equity Economics worked with Australians Investing in Women (AIIW) to produce Changing the Trajectory: Investing in Women for a Fairer Future to explore the disproportionate impacts of these crises on women and examine key areas of investment prioritising the security, safety and wellbeing of women.

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