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Her Place Australian Women’s Heritage and Museum LTD

Her Voice Festival of Women’s Activism

Despite the high incidence and impact of homelessness and domestic violence we are rarely confronted with the reality of these issues. Your support can help us to make these issues visible and enact change by bringing UNSEEN and The Lost Petition to our Her Voice Festival of Women’s Activism.


UNITY is aimed at girls and gender diverse people aged 10-12 in the Bankstown area. This 12-week early intervention music mentoring program teaches singing and songwriting through the lens of talking about what makes up healthy relationships with our community,...
Story Factory

Building girls’ literacy, confidence and creativity through creative writing.

We will support up to 200 marginalised girls aged 12-18 at Birrong Girls High School in Western Sydney to find their voice, build their confidence and develop vital writing skills through inspiring creative writing workshops. Birrong Girls High has a...

The Stella Count

Stella strives for a community where the power and influence of writing and stories are not limited by gender, race, class, sexual orientation, disability or age. We believe that Australian women’s writing and stories play a powerful role in shaping...
Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education

“Ngketya Nwernaka Ilkerta Mparetyeka” (Making Our Language Strong): Pertame Master-Apprentice Project (MAP)

The Pertame Master-Apprentice Program (MAP) is an Indigenous community-led project that seeks to grow the next generation of Pertame speakers while nurturing a prosperous community through strong cultures and identities. The Pertame MAP focusses on uplifting all generations of Pertame...
Girls from Oz

Growing Next Generation Girls From Oz

We are looking to the next generation of girls and young women in Halls Creek who can be inspired and educated through g-oz, leading to educational, vocational and employment outcomes. Countless conversations with community leaders and Aboriginal and Islander Education Officers (AIEO) make clear the fact that multigenerational role-modelling is already highly valued by the community, particularly women.
Flinders Quartet Inc.

Hear Her Voice - Championing Female Composers

The Living Music Report revealed that only 0.05% of works performed in 2019 were written by First Nations composers and just 3% of works in repertoire were by female composers. Hear Her Voice is a multifaceted approach to address the lack of women composing in the industry, and provides clear opportunities to develop women within this sector.
Melbourne International Jazz Festival

Take Note: Gender Equity Initiative

Now in its third year, Take Note seeks to address the underrepresentation of women and girls in music by celebrating and promoting female leaders on stage and in high schools across Victoria. The program supports the professional development of an...
Documentary Australia Foundation

Bukal Bukal

The Documentary, Bukal Bukal tells the story of Henrietta Marrie’s great-grandfather’s Shell Regalia in it’s British Museum basement prison and all that this symbolises and reveals about the human rights violations and genocide that continue today in Australia, enforced by...