Deanne Weir

The words of [Australians Investing in Women] founder Eve Mahlab AO continue to inspire me in our approach to philanthropic investment: if you apply equal treatment to unequal situations, you will continue to have inequality.  Even in 2020, we do not have Gender Equality, so we continue to apply a gender lens to our funding […]

Dr Catherine Brown OAM

Philanthropic investment in women is critical.  Supporting innovative employment and social enterprise opportunities for women; addressing the challenge of older women finding themselves homeless after a lifetime of unpaid, low paid or casual work and supporting women leading on climate action. Investing in women in these and other focus areas leads to lasting positive change.

Jo Kirk

Nothing is more important than investing in women and girls. Our giving in Australia and overseas is guided by this. Evidence repeatedly shows that societies that invest in and value women and girls are more successful, equitable and better places to live for everyone. We believe using a gender lens as well as considering race, […]

Naomi Milgrom AC

It takes more than changes in law or policy to change practices in the home, community and in the decision making environment. I am a passionate believer in the crucial role the private sector can play in empowering women and alleviating gender discrimination and I am honoured to be able to contribute in this arena […]

Ian Darling AO

High leverage has always been key to my social investment strategy, and investing in women and girls has a significant multiplier effect across society. Supporting Australians Investing in Women increases the impact of this philanthropy even further, by encouraging and supporting funders to apply a gender lens.

Caitriona Fay

The philanthropic families we work with at Perpetual are focused on maximising the impact of their giving and we see a gender lens application as a key tool to enabling that. Asking questions about how an issue might affect women, men and people of diverse gender identity differently encourages more analysis and better informs the […]

Jo Horgan

Since we launched MECCA more than two decades ago, empowering women to look and, more importantly, feel their best is at the heart of what we do. We want to live in a world where girls and women have equal opportunity to fulfil their potential and realise what’s possible. To achieve this vision, we created […]

Kerry Gardner AM

I give to women and girls for both personal and global reasons. Personally, since my first board role 27 years ago was with the Victorian Women’s Trust, I learnt early the freedom and joy of working for and with women, and their capacity for non- conformist strategy and impact. Globally I give because the world […]